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Our Mission:

Making Space More

Affordable and Accessible

Rapidly advancing toward the next generation of space destination, transportation and application solutions requires resources on procedures and protocols for our programs. 

Sierra Space strives to outline responsibilities for every supplier and maintain proper communication so that both parties can be successful, and together we can create a prosperous and secure space economy that will benefit all of humanity.

Supplier Quality

Sierra Space Corporation has processes and policies in place to ensure high quality in our products and services while maintaining safety for our employees and suppliers.

Sierra Space builds and delivers the future of space transportation, destinations and infrastructure, offering “space-as-a-service” in support of the new space economy. We do this by surpassing the status quo to source the best systems and reliably beat timelines and budgets. Our suppliers must match our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, all while making sure safety standards are never compromised.

All suppliers must meet Supplier Quality Program requirements and will be scored against other competitors.