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Sierra Space wants to understand your interests and ideas to discuss how we can work together to pursue solutions to help you achieve success in low-Earth orbit.

We support several different in-space applications and use cases

So whether you are an industry, government, academic, or non-profit organization, we are ready to collaborate to find the right solutions that fit your needs.

  • Materials Science

    Onboard our orbiting laboratory, where the effects of gravity are removed, this unique environment makes it possible to manufacture materials of much higher quality and performance otherwise unattainable in the gravity-induced conditions on Earth. Several exciting opportunities for materials innovation in the microgravity environment have been identified including metallic materials, nanomaterials, advanced ceramics, novel polymers and fibers, and functional coatings and thin film systems.

  • Biopharma

    Microgravity biomanufacturing has the potential to produce products that are crucial to life on Earth, like life-saving drugs. Our orbiting laboratory combines biotech with space-tech to provide the ultimate testbed and production facility for drug discovery and development, tissue engineering, bioprinting, and an array of other regenerative medicine applications.

  • Manufacturing

    Space offers the potential to leverage unique research and manufacturing environments with applications to a broad range of sectors. Features including microgravity, vacuum, and increased levels of radiation can enable new processes or reveal new insights.

  • Earth Science

    Our commercial space station in low-Earth orbit provides companies, researchers, and technologists with a highly capable platform to study a diverse array of Earth science applications. This unique vantage point offers entrepreneurs, government agencies, and academics the opportunity to explore opportunities to improve disaster response and advance studies of agriculture, water quality, natural resources, the atmosphere, maritime tracking, land use, and much more.

  • Human Research

    Human research studies which observe how humans adapt and respond to spaceflight will lead to a better understanding of human health in microgravity. The results from these studies will be increasingly important as we transition from hundreds of humans working and living in space to thousands. There are also many terrestrial applications that will be leveraged from these studies, like accelerated aging and impacts to vision, which will be used to improve pharmaceutical therapeutics.

  • Media/Marketing

    Space is a highly engaging, inspiring, and motivating environment that impacts a global audience. Our commercial space station in low-Earth orbit can provide extremely unique and valuable opportunities to produce new content that will support every sector of media and entertainment.

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