Environmental Systems

The Next Generation

of Space Systems

Revolutionizing The Space Business

Thomas Marshburn

Environmental Control and Life Support

Developing subsystems and components for atmospheric composition control and revitalization, temperature and humidity control, pressure control, contaminant removal, water processing, and sensing and control. This product group also develops fire detection and suppression technologies.

Thermal Systems

Providing innovative subsystems and components for heat collection, heat transport, and heat rejection.  Examples include cold plates, heat exchangers, pumps and accumulators.

Dream Chaser Tenacity graphic in low-Earth Orbit

In Situ Resource Utilization

Delivering tools and technologies for extracting and processing materials from in space resources (Lunar regolith, Mars regolith and atmosphere) that can be used to meet propulsion or human life support needs, reducing resupply requirements from Earth.

Crew Systems

Offering technical subsystems and components that enable crews to perform efficiently under conditions of outer space. These include systems not specifically related to human life support, but that allow space systems to be safety, efficiently and effectively used by the crew. It also includes those technologies that leverage the crew’s presence to utilize the space environment for testing new technologies and generating new knowledge.  Product areas under this product group include Lighting, Payloads, and Trash Management.

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