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Rocket Engines &

We are committed to developing and implementing innovative and low-cost, in-space, upper stage, and boost propulsion systems. We provide patented rocket propulsion technologies, state-of-the-art testing and analysis services, and decades of experience in the use of planetary resources for civil space, commercial space, and military operations. Our propulsion team has designed, manufactured, and tested multiple thrust chamber assemblies in the 1 lbf to 35,000 lbf thrust class range with a variety of propellant combinations, such as Peroxide/RP1, LOX/kerosene, LOX/propane, LOX/Hydrogen and N2O/propane.

Space Technology & Subsystems

Sierra Space is an industry leader in precision space mechanisms and complex spacecraft subsystems. Our engineers are experts in precision motion control, low-shock separation, and passive thermal control technologies. Customers leverage our extensive flight heritage, engineering capabilities, and broad portfolio of qualified products to create programs that are low risk.

Environmental Systems

Dedicated to creating the next generation of microgravity bio-agricultural products through system and service solutions that increase plant productivity with dramatic operational cost savings.

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“To make cosmic exploration feasible for everyone, we must constantly innovate with safer tech, fuels, and comfortable living conditions. This is how we prepare humanity for its next great leap into space.”

Tom Vice, Sierra Space CEO

To learn more about Sierra Space's Applications offering and specifications, please reference latest Hardware Catalog.
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