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Sierra Space LIFE Habitat Space Station

Sierra Space Reinvents the Space Station, Putting Affordable In-Space Infrastructure Within Reach

With completion of fifth successful structural test of revolutionary space station technology, Sierra Space ushers in the commercialization of Low Earth Orbit with significant cost savings for operating on-orbit LOUISVILLE,…

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Space Technology: Exploring Trash Compaction and Processing

Maintaining a clean home and taking out your trash is an important chore in everyone’s weekly routine. Performing this same task in space comes with a whole host of additional…

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Sierra Space and Redwire Partner

Sierra Space and Redwire Partner to Bring In-Space Biotech Facilities to Customers via the Sierra Space Platform

Redwire to deliver state-of-the-art commercial biotechnology and manufacturing technology for Sierra Space’s LIFE ™ habitat LOUISVILLE, Colo., and Jacksonville, Fla. – August 21, 2023 – Sierra Space, a leading pureplay…

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Sierra Space VR35K-A Hot fire

U.S. Government Awards Contract to Sierra Space to Develop Powerful New Upper-Stage Rocket Engine

Company’s VORTEX® VR35K-A successfully completes full hot fire test testing, engine provides up to 30% more payload to orbit performance LOUISVILLE, Colo. – July 26, 2023 – Sierra Space, a…

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Dream Chaser and Orbital Reef LEO

Sierra Space Appoints Industry Veteran Jen Splaingard to Lead Transformative Engineering and Test Organization

Sr. Vice President Jen Splaingard brings two decades’ experience to her new role, leveraging company’s commitment to excellence LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Aug. 8, 2023 –  Sierra Space, a leading commercial space…

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Sierra Space Hosts Comprehensive Dream Chaser® Training for Three NASA Astronauts

Members of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-8 mission may be the first to welcome the commercial spaceplane on its maiden flight to the International Space Station LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Aug. 4, 2023…

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Creative Image of Stem Cell Research Sierra Space

Sierra Space and BioServe Space Technologies to Demonstrate In-Space Stem Cell Production to Better Treat Cancer Patients on Earth

Experiment on its way to the International Space Station National Lab as part of the NG-19 mission LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Aug. 2, 2023  –  Sierra Space, a leading, pureplay commercial…

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From Interns to Innovators: Empowering Future Leaders at Sierra Space

Today, on National Intern Day, we recognize the incredible interns who have embarked on an extraordinary journey with us at Sierra Space. These future leaders and innovators show unwavering commitment,…

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Illustration of Sierra Space's Dream Chaser spaceplane on reentry

Dream Chaser vs Space Shuttle: A Side-by-Side Comparison

When most people think of space travel, they likely think of space shuttles. What they don’t realize is that these were a specific type of reusable spacecraft only used by…

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How to Become a Commercial Astronaut

As we transition out of the space exploration age to the Orbital AgeTM- private companies are transforming the industry like never before. Until quite recently, space travel was reserved for…

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