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#SierraSpaceHistory | Karl Hasenstein, the principal investigator for the Plant Habitat-02, planted radish seeds in seed carriers for the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) in the Space Life Sciences Lab at Kennedy Space Center on Sept. 23, 2020.

The carriers flew aboard Northrop Grumman’s ...14th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station.

Credit: #NASA

Sierra Space is hard at work transforming low-Earth orbit (LEO) from a place for trailblazers and specialists to the next work assignment for private sector professionals.

The forthcoming transition marks the start of the Orbital Age, which Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice describes as the next ...industrial revolution.

Read more at the link in our bio.

Today, Dragon CRS-2 SpX-26 will launch from Kennedy Space Center for a commercial resupply service mission to the @iss.

Onboard are Red Robin dwarf cherry tomato seeds for the Veg-05 experiment.

This experiment is part of the ongoing research from Veggie, a modularly designed ...vegetable production plant growth unit, developed and built in partnership with Sierra Space and Kennedy Space Center.

Research from Veggie will aide in future crewed exploration missions and could have other positive impacts when implemented on Earth.

Photo: NASA

We are grateful for our Sierra Space team members and their families for their relentless contributions, innovation and dedication toward helping us build a better future for humanity.

Sierra Space president and former astronaut, Dr. Janet Kavandi, sat down with @saeintl to discuss the growth of the space economy over the next decade and how innovations in space can benefit life on Earth. 

Full interview available on SAE Tomorrow Today.

"I think about how this is going to impact our kids lives in the future." - Kursten O'Neil, VP Crewed Dream Chaser.

Join us in the next giant leap for humankind.

Watch Mission: Tenacity Part 2:

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