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Sierra Space Axelerator Prime

“Commercial space companies now have a profound responsibility to help lead the way in an entirely new era for National Security Space.”

Tom Vice, CEO, Sierra Space

Horizon Multiple Manifest

Developing a next generation product line of small, high performance, affordable satellites for on-orbit servicing missions

Sierra Space is a commercial space company with a legacy of nearly 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and successfully delivering space systems, components, and spacecraft on-orbit in support of National Security.

Our Orbital Missions and Services (OMS) business area has designed, produced, and launched 23 space vehicles and supported over 400 successful space and interplanetary missions with our subsystems and components.

Building on this expertise, we are developing a next generation product line of small, high performance, affordable satellites designed from the ground up for on-orbit servicing missions.

Spacecraft Product Line

Using commercial business models, Sierra Space is delivering capabilities faster, with a set of on-orbit commercial services including Inspection, Deorbit, Refueling, Tug/Transfer, Repair, Augmentation, Return and Connectivity.

Our goal is to deliver orbital services to commercial, DOD and national security organizations, expanding production capacity to meet the needs of constellation programs.

OMS offers turnkey on-orbit services and satellite solutions ready to integrate customer payloads. 

The SN series of satellites come in a wide variety of form factors with high power, high thrust, and high reliability flight heritage.

The SN-50 ESPA class commodity buses are the baseline for purpose-built LEO/GEO Spacecraft using modular mission payloads. Sierra Space offers microsat capability with its SN-50 ESPA class LEO/GEO spacecraft platform. This product is ideal for flying smaller payloads and hosting technical demonstration missions.


  • Fully ESPA – compatible
  • Adaptable to all LEO orbits/inclinations
  • Reconfigurable payload accommodation interfaces
  • Robust multi-tiered fault protection system
  • Green propulsion capability
  • Optional GEO version supports payloads up to 65 kg with high delta-V choices

The SN-100 ESPA Grande class commodity buses are the baseline for purpose-built LEO/GEO Spacecraft using modular mission payloads. The SN-100 design-for-manufacturing enables large-scale productions and increased flexibility for missions with payloads up to 150 kg.


  • 3-5-year mission life with end of mission (EOM) disposal
  • Common bus provides the building blocks for multiple missions and growing adversarial threat solutions
  • Support payloads up to 150 kg with optional high-power versions for peak power needs
  • Configurable communications packages, OSILs in/cross plane, uplink/downlink, and Link 16 supporting secure mesh networking
  • Standard pointing is better than 10 arcsec knowledge, 3σ
  • Flexible payload accommodation capability
  • 3-axis reaction wheel control
  • Optional proximity operations sensor suite and high thrust divert thrusters

The SN-200 ESPA Grande class commodity buses are the baseline for purpose-built LEO/MEO/GEO spacecraft using modular mission payloads.


  • Supports payloads up to 500 kg
  • 5-7-year life with EOM disposal
  • >1,500 W power generation
  • Standard pointing performance better than 10 arcsec knowledge, 3σ
  • 3-axis reaction wheel control, optional high thrust divert thrusters
  • Partial or full redundancy with optional proximity operations sensor suite
  • Very high delta-V capability, >2,000 m/s with 200 kg payload

The SN-1000 LDPE class platform can host six rideshare payloads and adds an auxiliary platform for on-orbit demo payload assets in either MEO or GEO orbits. The SN-1000 spacecraft features support refueling operations, rideshare missions, GTO to GEO transfer, multi-rendezvous and cislunar applications.


  • Integration standardization support the maximum flexibility for late manifest and port allocation decisions
  • Advance rideshare capabilities on future LDPE flights
  • Simplify payload integration, extend mission life, and add additional integrated payload capability that allow new LDPE missions such as on-orbit test range activities, while preserving the baseline six-port rideshare mission
  • Expand core capabilities provide improved propulsion delta-V and provide a new re-docking capability
  • Increased redundancy can optionally extend life beyond 5-year requirements
  • Design includes command, telemetry, and power services to all six payload ports

Sierra Space Axelerator ™

Payload Delivery Anywhere in the World

Axelerator Beta is a low beta reentry vehicle utilizing Sierra Space’s deployable decelerator technology.

Axelerator Beta is small class reentry vehicle at approximately 100 kgs payload capacity and comes equipped with power, propulsion and integrated communications.

On return to Earth’s atmosphere, once the reentry burn is complete, Axelerator Beta will touchdown in 20-30 minutes utilizing a steerable rudder system and parafoil for a precision landing.

Combining Axelerator Beta with a dedicated launch, payloads can be delivered anywhere in the world in 90 mins or less enabling a highly responsive space-based system without fixed infrastructure

Sierra Space Ghost

The Future of Space Retrieval

Sierra Space Ghost is a state-of-the-art space delivery system engineered to safely return objects from space – and through space – directly to precise locations on Earth.

Ghost, a low beta reentry vehicle utilizing revolutionary deployable decelerator technology, represents a significant leap forward in space logistics and recovery operations, promising to enhance the sustainability and safety of space.

Ghost will be able to deliver payloads anywhere in the world in 90 minutes or less, enabling a highly responsive space-based system without the need for a fixed infrastructure.

Remarkably, Ghost transitioned from development to flight testing in just 90 days, showcasing Axelerator’s rapid prototyping and development capabilities. 

Sierra Space Spectre

Revolutionizing Rendezvous and Proximity Operations

Spectre is a revolutionary satellite designed for precision rendezvous proximity operations (RPO).

Sierra Space Spectre embodies the pinnacle of innovation, equipped to perform complex tasks in the challenging environment of space with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.

Scheduled for launch in late 2025, Spectre is poised to set new benchmarks for satellite technology.

Sierra Space Black OS

A New Era of AI-Enabled Operating Systems

Sierra Black OS is an advanced AI-enabled operating system has the ability to operate across space, air and ground systems seamlessly.

STAR (Sierra Toolkit for Autonomous Rendezvous), an RPO software module, exemplifies the system’s capabilities, offering unparalleled operational intelligence and autonomy for space missions.

Sierra Black OS and STAR are set to revolutionize how space operations are conducted.

Experience the power of AI with Sierra O/S, the reliable, multi-domain, and platform-agnostic solution for command and control and mission autonomy. Sierra O/S is designed to deliver superior performance, flexibility, and security, ensuring that you're always ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Designed with a fail-safe architecture that ensures consistent performance and zero downtime. It’s built to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring that critical operations continue smoothly because we understand that lives are on the line and there’s no room for error.

Supports operations across land, sea, air, and cyber domains. Seamlessly integrating data from multi-modal sources, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of the operational environment.

Designed to work with any hardware platform, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. It can integrate with existing systems and new technologies, making it a future-proof solution.

Built from the ground up with AI at its core. It harnesses the power of advanced AI/ML algorithms for real-time data analysis, decision-making, and automation. This AI-first approach enables Sierra O/S to process vast amounts of data swiftly and accurately, driving faster and more informed decisions.

Features an intuitive user interface that simplifies complex operations. It allows users to easily control and coordinate autonomous assets across different domains.

Built to scale, accommodating the integration of thousands of sensors and effectors globally across multi-domains. It grows with your needs, ensuring that you’re always ready to meet new challenges.

Built on a zero trust architecture, ensuring that every access request is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted. This robust security measure guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of your data and operations, giving you the confidence to carry out your mission with peace of mind.

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