Microgravity Platform

Microgravity will transform the space economy and unlock groundbreaking potential in the Orbital Age®.

The Next Industrial Revolution

Microgravity offers transformative applications that will disrupt terrestrial biotech and industrial markets. The fundamental gravitational forces experienced on Earth such as buoyancy, convection, and sedimentation are not present in microgravity, enabling a step-change in advancement in industries such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, health and wellness, avionics, education and more.

The economic returns from research and manufacturing in low-Earth orbit (LEO) in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries will be profound.

Microgravity Factories

Sierra Space plans to scale opportunities that are beyond the traditional aerospace industry and provide the next breakthrough foundational technology in LEO.

By expanding on and engaging with the global marketplace, Sierra Space will advance on-orbit biomanufacturing and provide extraordinary advantages for production laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

The commercial application of this technology will provide the industry with novel scientific platforms, new production tools, and disruptive techniques to help overcome terrestrial challenges. 

Transformative Applications

The area where microgravity will have the most profound impact is in life sciences. The life sciences sector in 2023 is valued at $2.83 trillion consisting of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech industries. These industries are dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, medical devices, and other products to treat, cure, or prevent diseases and health conditions. 

The impact of microgravity holds enormous potential in the treatment, and possible cure of cancer, autoimmune conditions, and other diseases. 

Microgravity research and manufacturing will dramatically enhance the quality of human life and increase our longevity by years, if not decades.

Proven Potential

Commercial experimentation on the International Space Station (ISS) have provided a wealth of knowledge and advancements. Roughly 3,000 experiments were conducted on the ISS between 1998 and 2020, of which more than 1,200 addressed key questions in biology and biotechnology. There have also been profound findings in advanced materials.

Additional studies on the ISS have demonstrated that due to the unique properties of microgravity, industrial materials like semiconductor components, advanced glass and ceramics, and other products produced in LEO can produce performance characteristics that are superior to those produced on Earth.

Microgravity Research Facility

The environment of microgravity will provide a foundational change in the way companies pursue innovative discoveries and produce transformational therapeutics, materials, and novel solutions across various industries.

Sierra Space’s commercial space station will be the first end-to-end business and technology platform that unlocks the unlimited potential of Low Earth Orbit and change life as we know it.

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