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Sierra Space Labs

Innovation in
Low-Earth Orbit

Paving the way for researchers and scientists to make humanity’s next transformative discoveries in space to benefit life on Earth.

Advancing Science

Our in-house astronaut scientists have conducted multi-mission experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) and reviewed NASA science payloads for safety and functionality.  At Sierra Space, we understand the specific challenges and opportunities space and microgravity provide for researchers and can advise our partners with the practical knowledge of control mechanisms and safety planning.

Our Dream Chaser spaceplane will provide a smooth low-g landing on compatible commercial runways for both astronauts and experiments. This will provide unparalleled quick access and critical transportation to and from the ISS.

Limitless Research

At Sierra Space Labs and the Human Spaceflight Center, our Career Astronauts will conduct research on behalf of our partners, akin to the NASA experiments on the ISS today. 

Through the Sierra Space Astronaut Training Academy, we also offer comprehensive training for interested partners to become Specialist Astronauts, enabling them to travel to space and conduct their own analyses.

Whether you represent a company or a research institution, we tailor our services to meet your needs and can assist in planning payloads, on-orbit experiments, and specialized training for researchers and specialists to conduct experiments in space. 

With Sierra Space Labs’ support, partners have the opportunity to advance humanity through their research to benefit life on Earth.

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