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Astronaut Training Academy

The Gateway to Space

Designed to empower commercial astronauts to tackle the complexities of low-Earth orbit missions. 

About the Program

Through our Sierra Space Training Academy, we are developing a skills-based training program to prepare the next generation of astronauts to usher us into the Orbital AgeTM. Our program combines the best practices of legacy Astronaut training with the agility and focus of a commercial spaceflight company.  As innovation leaders, our training easily adapts to include developing new skillsets that do not yet exist today. Sierra Space professionals will lead this effort, bringing relevant experience from NASA’s Astronaut Training Program.

Astronaut Training Categories

Strenuously selected and hired directly by Sierra Space, these Astronauts will perform missions on our Dream Chaser 200 spaceplane, on Orbital Reef, our low earth orbit destination space station, and on future space destinations and vehicles. These employees will have the opportunity to rotate into active space missions as well as run the Human Spaceflight Center between missions, performing both vital roles on orbit and key business tasks on Earth. These individuals will have the most rigorous training, as they will run our systems, work with payloads and research, and live and work on rotation in space.

As employees of our partners, these Astronauts will be rigorously trained to live and work in space. Carrying out work for their businesses, these Astronauts may be researchers, innovators, manufacturers, or artists. The Astronaut Academy will ensure these individuals have the proper training, tools, and operating procedures to be successful on orbit. 

These customers and partners want the opportunity to experience space travel on their own terms: to perform microgravity research and outreach campaigns, take pictures, float in Zero-G, and enjoy all the unique experiences of living in space. Private space flight is a serious adventure and still requires some serious training from our world-class private astronaut training team.

Sierra Space Tom Marshburn Astronaut Training
The Astronaut Academy will ensure that Specialists and Experiential astronauts have the training they need for a safe and life-changing experience.
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