Shooting Star® Cargo Module

A Companion with

Serious Cargo Capabilities

The Shooting Star Cargo Module adds Flexibility and Power to Any Mission


CRS-2 Cargo Services

Shooting Star adds a service for NASA to send additional critical science, food, and cargo to the space station. Crews can access the Shooting Star via the aft hatch, berthing to the space station. Traveling through the Shooting Star takes them to the forward portion where they can open the hatch and gain access to the Dream Chaser. When attached to the space station, Shooting Star provides a normal cabin environment for astronauts to work, and a prime location for cargo to be removed and placed onto the station after berthing.

Disposal Services

Shooting Star offers cargo disposal services for NASA. Once separated from Dream Chaser, the cargo module burns up safely in the Earth’s atmosphere and Dream Chaser glides gently back onto Kennedy Space Center’s runway. Since Shooting Star is disposed of on every CRS-2 mission, Sierra Space Corporation will maintain a production line to support all subsequent Dream Chaser missions.

Mission Solutions

Offering versatility, Shooting Star supports logistics services to other low Earth orbit and cislunar destinations. Sierra Space has developed a free-flying version to act as a satellite for carrying large payloads with high-power capacity.

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