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Our customers dream big, expect “great” over “good enough” and are pioneers in their own areas of expertise. We are dedicated to surpassing their expectations and helping them to understand how space applications can accelerate their innovations. Our commitment to creating the safest, most reliable, and sustainable transportation and destinations in space for our customers is our highest priority, and they rightly expect nothing less.

Biopharma and Human Health Care

Biopharma and Human Health Care

  • Enable medical breakthroughs
  • Benefit from the space environment while meeting terrestrial standards

Entertainment and Sports

  • Enable a new era in entertainment and sports in a zero-gravity environment

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials (Multiple Industries)

  • Unlock the potential of microgravity for commercial businesses
  • Achieve cost and production benefits of manufacturing space structure in orbit

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Exclusive real estate
  • Cultivate pipeline of high-net-worth individuals
  • End to end service with Dream Chaser

NASA and International Space Agencies

  • NASA and international agencies will require platforms to provide crew training, human exploration, scientific research, and other missions beyond the life of ISS

Services & Logistics

Services and Logistics

  • In orbit production and assembly
  • In orbit delivery, deployment and servicing
  • Decommission of LEO satellites for satellite owners and operators

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