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Sierra Space Internship Program

Some Dreams

are Worth Chasing

An internship experience at Sierra Space offers college students the opportunity to help us build a platform in space to benefit life on Earth, by working in the exciting, innovative and cutting-edge field of aerospace. 

Interns acquire hands-on learning experience while working on meaningful projects to gain significant career experience – being a part of a creative, courageous and passionate team to build lifelong connections. 

At Sierra Space, we provide the tools, training and mentorship for interns to do their very best work and discover opportunities to advance their careers, providing a pathway for personal growth.

For those who dream of changing the world – an internship with Sierra Space is the place to start. 


Internship applicants must be a currently enrolled student with at least one academic term left in school after completion of the internship.

Engineering internships must be a sophomore, junior, or senior, or alternatively be enrolled in a Master’s program.


A:  Internships are offered in the spring, summer) and the fall. Annual internships are made available the proceeding fall. 

A:  Louisville, CO; Madison, WI; Durham, NC.

A: Yes, to offer the optimal experience we believe an in person internship presents hands-on experience while work alongside the best and brightest minds in our industry.

A: Yes, Sierra Space interns will be paired with a mentor for guidance, advice, feedback, and consistent coaching throughout the duration of the internship. 

A: The hiring process at Sierra Space is streamlined to offer an optimal experience for candidates. 

  • Application Submission
  • Resumes reviewed by recruitment team and the hiring manager
  • Qualified applicants shared with the hiring manager
  • Candidates selected for interview
  • Final candidate notified

A:  Yes.  Internships are paid and to receive course credit, the student needs to work with their University and specific requirements/application to do so.

A:  Yes.  Students are eligible for the internship program from sophomore year through PhD program as long as they can complete a semester of school after completing the internship and they meet the other qualification requirements.

A:  Education:  University name, degree and major(s), cumulative GPA, expected graduation date

  • All prior relevant work or internship experience
  • Relevant project or team work that showcases skills/knowledge in your field of study

A: We recommend that you start looking for internships at Sierra Space in the preceding fall semester so you have access to all available positons. This will allow you to better plan for the academic year ahead.

A: Interns are responsible for finding their own housing; however, we will provide helpful accommodation information based on the internship location and a platform to connect with other interns.  

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