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Orbital AgeTM

Building a Platform In Space

To Benefit Life on EarthTM

As Sierra Space prepares Dream Chaser for missions to the International Space Station in 2023, we move another step forward in realizing our team’s mission to build a platform in space to benefit life on Earth.

We have entered the next and most profound period of innovation in human history – the Orbital Age.

The Orbital AgeTM is the next industrial revolution driven by the underlying technologies that are commercializing space. It is an era of historical transformation marked by the transition from 60 years of human space exploration to human space commercialization. In the Orbital AgeTM, civilization pivots from flying a handful of astronauts to a government-run space station, to transporting thousands of people on a fleet of spaceplanes to a constellation of commercial space destinations where they live and work for months at a time.

Space is the new platform for business.

Sierra Space is building the technology and business platform that will power the new space economy. We are revolutionizing both the space transportation system and the destination network. Much like the internet presented a new platform for new businesses to emerge in traditional industries such as commerce, hospitality, and transportation.

Our platform will be the catalyst for the next breakthrough innovations in human health, telecommunications, computing, advanced materials, climate change reversal, and clean energy.

We will completely redefine the human experience in hospitality, tourism, sports and entertainment.

Existing companies in every segment of the industrials sector—biopharma, manufacturing and energy—will operate in the microgravity factories of the future, extending our cities and communities into space. In the Orbital AgeTM, the numbers of humans in space will reach critical mass and establish a permanent presence and lasting civilization off world.

As we envision the future, our platform will extend beyond LEO.

We will enable humanity to begin new settlements. Since Earth’s beginnings 4.5 billion years ago, life as we understand it and all of humanity, has called our beautiful blue planet home. We have sent brave explorers to as far away as 248,655 miles from Earth, sent probes to planets and moons, and deep into space, and have built space-based observatories with the purpose to see back in time to the earliest days of the universe’s formation. These have informed our understanding of our larger world. 

But for all that we have explored and for all that we have learned, only 600 people have reached space and only 12 have walked on the surface of the moon. And, today there are less than 15 people, out of 7.9 billion, living and working in space. Sierra Space is going to change that.

We envision a future where humanity lives and works in space, on moons, and on distant planets. People are married, children are born, families are raised, businesses are built, and new civilizations thrive.

We recognize to achieve this long term vision will take several companies in multiple industries working closely together.

We look forward to working with fellow visionaries as we go to space to benefit life on Earth.